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last name: Gunzenhäuser
first name: Rul

Rul Gunzenhäuser studied Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy at the Stuttgart Institute of Technology and the University Tübingen. After his state examination for teaching posts he published his dissertation in 1962 in Stuttgart. Later he worked as a scientific assistant at the data center of the Stuttgart Institute of Technology, as associate professor at the State University of New York, as well as professor for Applied Mathematics and Didactics at the College of Education Esslingen.
In his dissertation he establishes the connection between Birkhoff’s “Aesthetic Measure” and the Information Aesthetics developed by Bense, Moles and Frank. [Garnich, 1968] “Rul Gunzenhäuser applied Shannon’s information theory to [”Birkhoff’s":agent@539] concept of aesthetic measurement, developing a theory of micro-aesthetics." [Klütsch, 2007]


1962 Gunzenhäuser did his dissertation called Ästhetisches Maß und ästhetische Information. Einführung in die Theorie G. D. Birkhoffs und die Redundanztheorie ästhetischer Prozesse [Aesthetical Measure and Aesthetical Information. Introduction into the theory of G. D. Birkhoff and the redundance theory of aesthetical processes], which was published in the Verlag Schnelle.
1965 Rul Gunzenhäuser exhibited at the Kunst und Kybernetik conference in Recklinghausen.
1973 – 1999 Director of the department of “Dialogsysteme” [Query-reply systems] at the Institut of Computer Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
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