»Hummingbird« by Charles "Chuck" Csuri | i |
creators: Charles "Chuck" Csuri
title: Hummingbird
year: 1967

video, b/w, computer-generated

computer animation

artwork type: video, computer-generated

Hummingbird by Charles A. Csuri and James Shaffer from 1967.

‘We have also completed a ten minute computer animated motion picture entitled HUMMINGBIRD. (Awarded a prize at the 4th International Experimental Film Competition, Brussels, Belgium, 1967) The subject was a line drawing of a hummingbird for which a sequence of movements appropriate to the bird were outlined. Over 30.000 images comprising some 25 motion sequences were generated by the computer. For these, selected sequences were used for the film. A micro-film plotter recorded the images directly on film.’ [Csuri and Shaffer, 1968, p.1297]

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Looks good
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