Gilles Gheerbrant | i |
last name: Gheerbrant
first name: Gilles
birthday: 1946
birth-place: Montréal ? (Canada)

Gilles Gheerbrant is a Canadian artist, gallerist, and publisher. He “studied economics and communication in Paris. In 1969 he moved to Canada. In 1971 he formed the Cybernetic Graphics and Animation Group (CYGRA), together with Serge Poulard, Maxime Renard, and Claude Schneegans. In 1972 he founded Éditions Gilles Gheerbrant and published [”Art Ex Machina Portfolio":publication@375], “the first edition of original silk-screens of computer-generated images. In 1973 he opened the Gallery Gilles Gheerbrant.” [ZKM, 2011]

In 1972, when he was based in Montréal, he brought together original works by six artists using computers, and produced a portfolio, Art Ex Machina Portfolio, of those graphics as screen prints. Each artist also provided one page of text. Abraham A. Moles added an essay on computer art. The contributing artists are Manuel Barbadillo (Spain), Hiroshi Kawano (Japan), Kenneth C. Knowlton (USA), Manfred Mohr (USA/Germany), Frieder Nake (Germany/Canada), Georg Nees (Germany). The portfolio had an edition of 200 + 25. It was originally sold at $200.

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