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title: Art Ex Machina (Portfolio)
year: 1972
Bibliographic Entry

Barbadillo, Manuel, et al., Gheerbrant, Gilles, ed. 1972. Art Ex Machina (Portfolio).

Art Ex Machina is a portfolio of six silk-screen prints of computer-generated images. It was edited by Gilles Gheerbrant in Montréal, Canada. It contains one print and a short text by each of the six artists Barbadillo, Kawano, Knowlton, Mohr , Nake and Nees. In additition, there is an introductory text by Abraham A. Moles.

The six silk-screen prints were printed by Pierre Foisy in Montréal. The edition comprises 200 signed and numbered portfolios plus épreuves d’artists.
Copies belong, e.g., to the Victoria & Albert Museum London, and to the Anne and Michael Spalter Collection in Connecticut, USA.

posted about 5 years ago
nous cherchons à connaitre la valeur de ces oeuvres numerotées E.A. XXI/XXV en parfait état pour les vendre merci d'une reponse
posted about 5 years ago
adresse mail
posted 4 months ago
do you have a portfolio for sale and what does it cost?
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