Mila Gravenhorst | i |
last name: Gravenhorst
first name: Mila
also known as: Hein
birthday: 1937
birth-place: Berlin (Germany)

Mila Gravenhorst, together with Gottfried Jager, developed what they called Generative Photography. They derived the term from the title of an exhibition at Kunsthaus Bielefeld in 1968. It refers to the idea of Generative Aesthetics in the work of Max Bense. Gravenhorst explored mechanical procedures and apparatuses for the generation of abstract visual patterns. An example is to rotate a disk stepwise by a small angle and record on photo-sensitive material the reflected light by super-positioning it. The individual image resulting from such experiments may be subordinate to the series of slightly changed images of similar appearance.


1953- 57 Studied photography, graphics, and industrial design in Berlin; first experimental works in photography.
1958- 60 Studied film technology in Berlin and Munich; filmic and photographic works for industry and product advertising.
1963-70 Ran a studio for photographic and graphic design in Winnenden near Stuttgart. First contact with Frieder Nake at the Technical University of Stuttgart to learn about computer generation of images.
1968 onwards Together with Gottfried Jäger, developing Generative Photography.
1969 Generative Photography: Portfolio of 16 single-image profiles including an essay of 10 pages by Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke, “Basis of a cybernetic theory of art”. ^
1970 Helps organising the exhibition Auf dem Wege zur Computerkunst at Kiel (Germany)
1970 onwards Lecturer of photography at the Fachhochschule in Kiel.
Exhibitions organized
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