»Serie R-A 1/5 66; Serie R+E-A 5/3 66; Serie R+E-A 4/3 46; Serie R+GR 1/3 66/69« by Mila Gravenhorst | i |
creators: Mila Gravenhorst
title: Serie R-A 1/5 66; Serie R+E-A 5/3 66; Serie R+E-A 4/3 46; Serie R+GR 1/3 66/69
year: 1966-1969

photograph, b/w

ink, paper

artwork type: photograph

“Photomechanical transformations are aesthetic orders, which can be described by formula and so offer a good provision to grasp observation in numbers. Therefore, it is possible to introduce an experimental technique into the scientific research of aesthetic processes. [ … ]

Geometrical constructed signs are being processed into complex structures of higher order by means of determined programs of a photomechanical technique. [ … ]

Considering future developments – according to Herbert W, Franke – the following can be said concerning photomechanical transformations:

1. Because we have a geometrically precise style, which can be realized by formula, the results of the information theory can be easily transformed.

2. They are the basis to the nearest transition to the automatically guided visualization, to computer art (in our case to computer photography, as parallel to computer graphic art)."

[Hein Gravenhorst in: tendencije 4, exhib. cat., Galeriia suvremene umjernosti, Zagreb, 1970, n. p.]

Source: [Rosen, 2011]


Archive MSU, Zagreb

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