Susanne Grabowski | i |
last name: Grabowski
first name: Susanne
birthday: January 6, 1967
birth-place: Augsburg (Germany)

Susanne Grabowski has been cooperating with computer art pioneer, Frieder Nake, since 1998 on various topics and projects of early digital art. She has been a member of the long-term project compArt: a space for computer art.

From 2013 to 2016, she has been prime investigator of The Algorithmic Dimension in Visual Art, a project supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.

She is a lecturer and researcher in the Digital Media Program at University of Bremen (Germany). Her focus is on mediation of digital (“computer”) art in education and culture.


19xx-19xx studies social education at University of Applied Science, Munich (Germany), with a focus on social management & media. Degree: »Dipl. Sozialpädagoge«
19xx-19xx continues her studies at University of Augsburg (Germany) in media education, extracurricular education with youth, adult education. Degree: »Dipl. Pädagoge«
1998 lecturer and researcher at University of Bremen (Germany) in Frieder Nake’s compArt Center of Excellence Digital Art. Topics are: mediation of computer art in education & culture; interactive installations & drawing machines. /2007/ degree of a Dr.-Ing. in Digital Media from University of Bremen (Germany), title of the thesis: SignSpace. Digital Media in Study Environments: the Case of Computer Art (reviewers: Frieder Nake (University of Bremen) and Bardo Herzig (University of Paderborn).
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