»Hummingbird« by Kerry Strand / California Computer Products | i |
creators: Kerry Strand / California Computer Products
title: Hummingbird
year: 1968

drawing, c., computer-generated

“The “Hummingbird” is an extension of the “three bug problem”.The basic design produced by the “three bug problem” is modified by drawing only two sides of the triangle. This pattern is then mathematically manipulated into the desired position. Three different line widths, each with a different color, were plotted overlaying each other."


artwork type: drawing

" The first prize in our 1968 Computer Art Contest has been awarded to Kerry Strand and Gary Craigmile, both of California Computer Products, Inc. Anaheim, Calif. Their winning entry appears in color on the front of this issue, and is entitled “Hummingbird”. lt was signed and programmed by Mr. Strand; the color coordination and plotting techniques were executed by Mr. Craigmile. "

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