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last name: Strand
first name: Kerry

Kerry Strand worked with California Computer Products Inc. (CalComp) in the late 1960s, a company that, among other equipment, produced plotters. Strand won the first prize of the 6th Annual Computer Art Contest (1968) arranged by the magazine Computer Art Contest. His prize winning entry was the drawing Hummingbird.

In the same year of 1968, the works Crest, Hummingbird and other images form part of an exhibition in the New York Room of the Statler Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

During the course of this exhibition, a competition for computer artists, initiated by CalComp, was announced. Winning universities and individual artists were to be supported by scholarships. [More on this!]

All of Strand’s works, including representational works such as “The Fisherman” or The Snail of 1968, were exhibited under the name of the CalComp artist group.

With these works, CalComp also participated in important exhibitions of early Computer Art such as Cybernetic Serendipity in London in 1968 and tendencies 4 in Zagreb 1968-1969.


posted 2 months ago
My spouse and I are in possession of 3 additional lithograph plotter artworks created on a CalComp plotter. The artists/programmers are Kerry Strand, Larry Jenkins and AM France. The pieces we have are called The Hummingbird, Inspiralation and Plexus. If possible, we would like to get more information about these pieces.
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