»The Fisherman« by Kerry Strand / California Computer Products | i |
creators: Kerry Strand / California Computer Products
title: The Fisherman
year: 1968

drawing, b/w, computer-generated

Done on a GE 425 computer and a CalComp 760/502 incremental
plotter with a step size of 0.01 inches.

artwork type: drawing

A composite of one basic design repeated in various positions and shapes.

posted almost 4 years ago
I have a copy of the fisherman and I was wondering if it was mass produced for sale. Thank you, Anne Deyo.
posted almost 4 years ago
Dear Anne, it was a plotter drawing, reproduced in magazines quite often. I cannot tell you from knowing, only guessing: the drawing will most likely exist in various copies, probably in slight variations. Whether it was mass-produced, is not easy to answer. If it was, then in printing and not in repeatedly running it off the plotter. By the time, there was not a market for this kind of images. But quite likely that through CalComp, some interest was sparked. Frieder
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