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title: L'Artiste et L'Ordinateur

L’Artiste et L’Ordinateur was a group exhibition in 1979 in Paris at Centre Culturel Suédois (Swedish Cultural Centre). From there it went to Lille and Caen.

Participating artists were Holger Bäckström and Bo Ljungberg, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Jose Breval, Sven Hoglund and Bror Wikstrom, Sture Johannesson, Torsten Ridell from Sweden, Hervé Huitric and Monique Nahas, Gerhard F. Kammerer-Luka and Jean-Baptiste Kempf, Manfred Mohr, Vera Molnar from France.

It was one of the important early exhibitions of computer art in France. It included artists using computers from Sweden and France, thus affording a valuable insight into computer generated art of the 1970s in this Scandinavian country.

The portfolio Artiste et Ordinateur, which resulted from the exhibition, was assembled and published by one of the participating artists from Sweden, Torsten Ridell.

One sheet of the portfolio of Artiste et Ordinateur was created by the participating artists, or the group of artists each. After the tour in France, the show went to Sweden and was shown at various places there, including the Arkiv for dekorativ konst in Lund in 1980 under the title of Dator och Konstnar.

Due to the effort of a group of visitors from the Kieler Kunstverein and artist Kammerer-Luka, the exhibition moved to the University Library of Kiel under the title of Wege der Computerkunst in 1981, with additional exhibits by artists Eva Duhmke-Bagge, Axel Schulze, Bettina Hoffmann-Schulze, and Herbert W. Franke.

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